Friday, July 11, 2008

Mac's Power Rankings 07-11-2008

Going to Florida, Looking for jobs and golfing with Rando has pretty much taken up my week, but I figured I'd give you guys a little something...and yes, I'm well aware that I'm spending my Friday night writing an article that will only be read by Rando, Nate, Billy, Kip and Ben. Enjoy!

1) The Laser Cats

Two best players of all time…stop…best defensive team ever…stop…have the ability to turn the switch when they need to…stop…may give tomko an aneurism if a slow start costs them the perfect season…especially against Bryan Frankovich this coming weekend…stop…those who think it isn’t a possibility might be taking the surging queens lightly…stop

2) The Queens of the Rest Stop Reach-around

The queens have been the second hottest team during the last few weeks. Despite drawing the ire of sbl brass for the last four years, the head of the Frankovich monster just can’t seem to be cut off. While I definitely am not a fan of the Frankovich captaining style at times, I think anyone who doesn’t give the queens a shot at beating the laser cats this weekend should rethink it…only if stud comes of course. I mean, he has a lineup that could score 15 runs before the Laser Cats reach that 5th inning plateau, it’s at the queens home court, and Frankovich is due to come through against arch nemesis Nate Tomko. If he fails this time, I don’t think we can really call it a rivalry without laughing…unless you mean the type of rivalry that the steelers and browns have had for the last 14 years or so.

3) The Oatcake Hate Monsters

While stars on vacations combined with the pushing back of the SBL schedule ruined what could have been a competitive game against the laser cats last week, im not ready to blow the trade whistle just yet. This team is still capable of beating anyone on any given sunday.

4) Voltron

Disappointing…very disappointing. I’m not sure they would crack the top two even if they played well, but with their talent they should at least be in the discussion.

5) Banana Democracy

I see that others are drinking the Ben Smith cool-aid once again. Seeing as he has had a couple good weeks in a row, he’s bound to turn into Mr. Hyde real soon. Could the comedown be a result of caving to the pressure from others to shoot more long balls? Four years of inconsistency leaves me skeptical that Ben has turned the corner…though the game against the Laser Cats could be a great time to make me eat crow.

6) The Fleshy Funbridges

Man I love the funbridges…but they have a difficult three weeks to end the season.

7) Jukebox Hero

2-0?!!!! Wowsers!

8) The Kyoto Kamikazees

Usually the way to get back on the right track is to make sure that three players show up. I think Mikey’s interest in baseketball has declined this year in favor of women and booze, but I’m really hoping he doesn’t go down as the captain of the most disappointing team in SBL history. They can still turn it around.

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