Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mac's Power Rankings Week 8

1) Opie and the E-street Band
The E-street band rocks its way back to the top of the charts this week due to a 4-0 record the last two weeks and an impressive performance against the Ladies with both teams missing their premier player. McClelland has been torrid of late and Kippy appears to be on the right track after an unkippylike first half of the season. This week they will meet the Ladies once more to determine which team will gain the all important bye to the finals. E-street looks to get back Terry Shernisky, while the ladies will once again have to work without jewish stalwart Billy Weisburg. I see them rocking Honest Abe and rolling the ladies.

2) PJ and the Ladies
The ladies had been Maguivering their way to being the best team in the league most of the season but have come back to earth with Billy Weisburg on one of his many vacations. Even without Billy I am not ready to put them behind Queenie. The ladies have made a season of winning the close ones…which is what playoff baseketball is all about. Unfortunately, I see them dropping another to the E-street band and losing a heartbreaker to the Truth Brigade. They will somehow pull it together and defeat Tomko in the rivalry game.

3) Queenie Mentrek
Queenie looked very impressive last week with Clayton continuing to play well and Tomko returning to his Player of the Year form. Ben Smith also appears to have acquired Goodpastorlike abilities as a leadoff hitter. Maybe they didn’t need Katie Kelly after all. The only thing stopping me from crowning Queenie is that they dominated an embarrassing bad Millivanilli squad in both of their contests…and Ben Smith isn’t going to get six assists against a more qual….actually, against any opponent other than the Millivanilliseconds. I look for them to beat up on walker and jukebox…only to let their guard down and be besting by the 2nd place ladies.

4) Jukebox Hero
Only in the era of the solo homerun would a disorganized scrapbook of a team be competitive each and every week. Luckily, the stat padding teams below are every bit as random as the worst Jukebox squad. Keep shooting the long ball rest of the teams. I’m sure jacking solo homers will erase the four run deficit in no time.

5) Walker Told Me I Have Aids
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want to rank this team as the fifth best in the league….

6) The Millivanilliseconds
…but after the epically bad performance of the ‘seconds I have no choice. Three damp towels could do a better job of boxing out. Luckily for them…

7) Honest Abes Truth Brigade
…we have Honest Abe, who hasn’t won anything since Michael Jackson was still moonwalking and popping pills.

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