Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mac's Mailbag April 9th, 2009

How do you feel about B.Frank going before both Terry and Nate?

Like everyone I was shocked that anyone went before Terry and Nate…much less two people. I still think there was some sort of wheeling and dealing going on with the first few captains.

What are your thoughts on your new team? Are you excited for this season?

I think Opie had the first or second best draft. As Terry told me shortly after…it just feels like all the players on the team are laid back…and will play well together. And yes, I’m very excited for this season.

Are PJ and the Ladies building themselves to compete or to cause mayhem?

A little of both. I don’t think there will ever be a ladies team quite like the one that played my first two seasons in the league...the main cast has grown up. I also think they would like to win a title in a different way than the one in 2005. That said, we’re bound to see a few new antics with the cast of characters they have accumulated.

Is there a lot more parity in the league now that the SBL went back to a draft?

There certainly isn’t a team that is as stacked as the Laser Cats last year…but I do think that two or three of the teams didn’t have particularly good drafts.

How disgusting is the height of Bob Spohn’s team?

Yeah, it is a little ridiculous. My only beef is that he might have wanted one more reliable player to go with the three studs at the top.

Aside from the top five picks being in surprising order, what was the biggest shock about the SBL draft?

To me it was how low the Nespors went. Does Pat Nespor do anything but play in SBL title games?

Which teams have a realistic shot at the championship this season?

When is the last time that a team won an SBL title without having one of the three best players in the league (at that time)? Allow me…never. That said, I’d be shocked if a team that didn’t have Nate, Terry or Frankovich on it won it all this year.

Will the reunion of Shelley and Nate pay off with a championship for Queenie Mentrek?

If she and Mike come with regularity, I think they have to be the favorites. Still, they have to be a little worried that Shelley didn’t come the last few weeks last year.

Which player do you think could move into that upper echelon of players this year? Who do you think will see a dramatic decrease in production this season?

If I had to pick one that could join that elite group it would be PJ O’Conner. He’s probably the best defensive player in the league and will get a chance to be the man for his team on offense as well. As far as a drop, I’m going to leave out players who will drop off due to reliability issues. I think the most likely candidate for that kind of drop statistically will be Opie Neff. Now that he’s a big whig in the league, there is no way that he plays in 27 games like last year. Also, he is sharing the shots with another prolific homerun threat. Clearly it seems that Opie is willing to give up homers for championship contention.

Who in your opinion was the steal of the draft? And who went way too early?

I thought the steal of the draft was Terry Shernisky. To get him at the 4th pick is absolutely ludicrous. Pat Nespor also went way below his talent level. I thought someone who went way too early was Jon Olsavsky. Yes, he is one of the all time greats. But, Jon Offutt really needed to get someone ultra reliable with that pick…and Olsavsky has been ranked high in that category the past few seasons.

2009 Draft Recap

So now that everyone has read the mock drafts....what do i think of the actual picks? Read on...


In perhaps the most stunning turn of events in recent memory, John stuns the SBL world by forgoing on the big three and picking young PJ with the overall first pick. I’m shocked, stunned, and wondering if John Offutt was actually at the draft to make this pick.

2) TEAM BOB SPOHN: Bryan Frankovich
This pick is at least defendable. My guess would be that Bob wanted to prove himself without his Laser Cat’s cohorts…and also knew that Jeanne desperately needed a superstar.

The picks start making much more sense from this point forward. Nate goes here because Queenie knows Nate better than Terry.

4) TEAM OPIE NEFF: Terry Shernisky
Somehow the Opster lucked out and landed what many considered to be the number one overall talent with the 4th pick.

5) TEAM BIG RANDO & PJ: Billy Weisburg
Did anyone not see this one coming?

Building a team around a rookie isn’t always the best idea, but all indicators are that this kid could be a stud. You know that the league’s dictator wasn’t going to let Deforest pull an O’mahoney and wait to pick this kid up…


…but he could have at least waited till this spot to take Everet. Katie Kelly has a temper at times, and being picked below a player who has never even played baseketball could be a slap in the face to the diva of the SBL.

8) TEAM BIG RANDO & PJ: Gavin St. John
I think Gavin in this spot is a steal. One of the newly reformed ladies recently told me that they plan to win the title this year. Adding St. John certainly could get them there.

9) TEAM OPIE NEFF: Matt McClelland
With another of the league’s premier long range shooters already in tow, McClelland was probably the right pick here. He’ll give them a leadoff hitter and someone to set the table on defense.

Even though he says he wont be as reliable as in past years, at this point teams would have been foolish to pass up on arguably the forth best player in the league.

11) TEAM BOB SPOHN: Terry Hall
While early indications were that he might have quit the SBL after last year’s playoffs, I actually have received confirmation that Terry Hall does plan to suit up in 09. Teaming with Spohn and Frankovich could could be just what Terry needs to win a championship.

Offutt takes the original Jon-O….once again leading me to believe that he may not have been there. The only time I have heard Olsavsky talk about Offutt…it wasn’t very flattering.


13) TEAM JOHN OFFUTT: Lenny Crist
At a time when Offutt probably needed a really reliable player, there might have been a better pick. Still, if this team shows up they will probably be a fan favorite.

14) TEAM BOB SPOHN: Chris Pasci
Frankovich has said that he can get Pasci to come...which would make this team really really good.

According to Ben Smith, he will be there almost every week. Reliability was key here considering that Mike might of might not show.

16) TEAM OPIE NEFF: Kip Corbett
One could have made the argument that Kip should have been picked 3 or 4 spots before this, but I’m sure Opie didn’t mind getting one of the most consistent hitters of all time.

Hard time should get a lot more playing time this year…and is a much needed boost on defense.


I really don’t know who the guy is, but does anyone else miss Fred Shaffer?

19) TEAM BIG RANDO & PJ: The Lackey Brothers
I’m always excited at the thought of Lackeys.

20) TEAM OPIE NEFF: Aryn Christman
With 4 very reliable players, this was well worth the gamble.

21) TEAM JEANNE MENTREK: Brandon Gillshire
Someone told me recently that Gillshire has started to wear shoes. I really hope that was just a winter thing.

22) TEAM BOB SPOHN: Jon Biddle
I think either Nespor would have been a better pick here, but I also can’t argue with Biddle if he shows up a couple weeks.

23) TEAM JOHN OFFUTT: Sweet Lou Shernisky
Is someone going to pick a Nespor?


24) TEAM JOHN OFFUTT: Lee Nespor
There we go. I’m really hoping that this team shows up.

25) TEAM BOB SPOHN: Mike Frankovich
Mike Frankovich may have to pursue nursing career elsewhere, but he is well worth the risk here.

26) TEAM JEANNE MENTREK: Shelley Goodpastor
Nate is one of the few people in the SBL who could probably get Shelley to come if they need her.

27) TEAM OPIE NEFF: Danielle Hennon
Danielle adds another consistent hitter that wont take away from Terry or Opie’s homerun totals.

28) TEAM BIG RANDO & PJ: Pat Nespor
I’m actually a little upset at some of the players who were picked over Pat Nespor. But, I’m really excited to see the team he’s on.

Billy better hope some of these rookies and unknowns pan out.


30) TEAM BILLY DEFOREST: Stud Frankovich
At least with Stud we already know he’s unreliable.

31) TEAM BIG RANDO & PJ: Sam Lynn
I’ve heard that she’s back in the area…and will be a good fit for this team.

32) TEAM OPIE NEFF: Derrick Lochovich
He seems to come around if he’s needed

Personally I like to see Clayton and Tomko play against each other…but you can’t fault this pick here.

34) TEAM BOB SPOHN: Ben Elliot
He’s definitely in the area. I’d like to see Big Whitey finally get his chance to play a big role on a good team.

35) TEAM JOHN OFFUTT: Jamie Moroco
< insert random comment about my love for Jamie Moroco here >