Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mac's Mailbag 7-14-2009

1. Who, if anyone, from the 22 and younger crowd do you see stepping up to help the league off the court?

I’m not really enthusiastic that any of them will step up too much. I’d give Billy Deforest and outside chance. He seems to really enjoy the league and might be able to contribute some creativeness in the article department.

2. Give us your top three for the following:
a. Player of the Year: 1) Terry 2)Billy Wesiburg 3) Nate
b. Rookie of the Year: 1) Erret 2)Adam from PJ and L 3) That 15 year old girl
c. Most Improved Player: 1) Deforest 2) Ben Smith 3) Tim Martin
d. Least Valuable Player: 1) Gavin 2) Mikey (if he doesn’t come back) 3)Bryan Frankovich

3. Is it a coincidence that Mikey Moroco hasn't shown up the past couple of weeks or is he legitimately steamed over the Katie Kelly trade?
I don’t think any reasonable person could think that it’s a coincidence. Mikey’s distaste for Offut is well known.

4. Why haven't you done a "Mac's Power Rankings" article yet?
Mostly cause I rely heavily on an updated website to write such articles. By the time the standings and scores are updated on Friday, it’s been two days since I’ve had the itch to write a power rankings article.

5. Is there a bigger disappointment than Bob Spohn's team? Is there a more pleasant surprise than PJ & the Ladies sans Gavin St. John?

No and no.

6. Looking back at the draft, which picks made their captains look like geniuses? Which picks make their captains look like morons?

I think the baseketball braintrust had a lot of correct assumptions in our draft breakdowns this year. Opie’s picks are being proven correct…and Jon Offut clearly could have done a better job. The only curveballs would be that PJ and the Ladies have had different results with the exact same roster as in prior years….and that Bob Spohn’s team can never be in the same place on the same Sunday.

7. How is Jukebox having such a good year?

I think it’s a combination of there being some really bad teams, some teams that can’t field a full team, and a shortage of bystanders that aren’t sbl vets.

8. How do you feel about the obscene amount of solo homers being shot?

The awesomeness of the solo homer has definitely jumped the shark. I remember the days when solo homer aficionados like Lee Nespor, Pat Lackey and Rando would bring the crowd to its feet with a solo homer. Solo homers definitely aren’t special anymore.

9. Where has ____________________ disappeared to?
a. Kip Corbett-
b. Dennis Lackey
c. Greg Lackey
d. Aryn Christman
e. the Biddle/Ben/Dank trio

The sad thing is that I think all of these players are around and just have moved on to find other things to do. I’m especially upset that I haven’t gotten to see any Lackey this year.

10. What have you enjoyed most about the 2009 season?

I’ve enjoyed the laid back nature of the league this year…and the laid back team that I play for.

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