Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mac's Mailbag 06/04/08

Does the SBL need to mandate repairs on the hoop at KY court to prevent the insane banking?

I actually think there are far better hoops out there for bank shooting. I’m thinking this is just another way to bust on Frankovich, so I’ll say yes.

Your team struggled mightily last week, what do you guys have to improve on?

I said at the beginning of the year that Terry Hall needed to be the player we all know he is capable of becoming. I could go into a much longer answer, but I think Nate’s power ranking the other pretty much hit all the points, especially the part about the killer instinct. This team has the table setters, but needs someone to be the man. Having me back on defense probably wont hurt much either.

Can Shelley Goodpastor rebound from a disappointing week?

It’s not often Shelley Goodpastor messages me that she can’t shoot anymore. It might have been worse than the time I heard they were canceling Walker, Texas Ranger. Luckily, I was reassured when I read the writeups. Sooner or later, Shelley was bound to have a game in which she didn’t shoot above .500. Since when did 11/22 shots become a bad week? I won’t be taking my Goodpastor poster off the wall just yet.

Now that the league has been banished from Ass Clown, which arena should become the new “Mecca”?

I’ve long been a fan of Hoffe Centre. It has the room, the decent hoop, and SBL sympathetic parents.

Can we expect to see you attending every week from here on out?

A lot of that will depend on my job search. I know that I’ll be missing the weekend of June 21st, but other than that my summer is largely up in the air.

Rumor has it that Billy Weisburg has spurned your advances to be his roommate, is this true?

Billy has assured me that we can still cuddle. As I told him a couple weeks ago, I certainly can’t blame him for wanting to live on his own. After putting up with drunk people passing out/throwing up in his room for several years, the jewish one deserves a homeland to himself if he so chooses. Besides, I still have Kip.

What is one change you think should/will be made in the SBL?

I think Ben Smith needs to get on this SBL 2.0 webpage he’s been talking about for several years.

Who is the most underrated player in the SBL?

Mike Moroco. His poor average this year not withstanding, Mikey seems to be the best player in the league that nobdy ever talks about. Honestly he’s probably in the top 7 players in the league, yet very few people are aware of it.

I know you are really interested in the political scene. Compare the SBL presidential situation to the current political scene.

I’m not sure if the situation will Nate and Kip has blown over after week two, but I really can’t find any comparisons to local politics. The nearest thing I can think of would be the Russian political scene. Putin may not be President anymore, but he is directly responsible for installing Demitri Medvadev and is still the most powerful man in the country. Can you see Nate Tomko giving up all control of the SBL? Would anyone less driven be able to sustain the league? I say no on both counts.

Can anyone stop the Laser Cats this year/should we pick teams differently in the future?

When Nate and Terry are both there, I don’t think any team can beat them. That said, I really don’t think it was meant to be this crazy. I think Nate wanted to be on a competitive team and also add the interest of the league’s two best players having to co-exist. It seems that nobody told Bob and the rest of the other Cats that they were supposed to be somewhere between scrubby and decent to keep things even. Nate and Terry were always going to be good, but it’s been the emergence of Spohn that has really made them go up to an elite level. I’m not ready to blame the league office, especially seeing as how close the teams have been in the past.

What’s been the story of the SBL season thus far?

I think the story is that the league is still thriving after all these years. When I tell people elsewhere about the SBL and show them the webpage, I love their reaction. All of them think it borders on crazy, and half of them think it’s awesome.

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