Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SBL Power Rankings 06/18/08

Now that I’ve been there a couple of weeks in a row, I guess I feel qualified enough to pump out a new edition of the SBL Power Rankings. If any of you assholes submit me some questions, I might even answer those in the next couple of days too.

1) Laser Cats

While I’m not quite ready to christen them the best team ever, it is impossible to deny that the Cats are head and shoulders above the other teams in the league this year. Though they have a habit of mailing in the first few innings, the Laser Cats can score in bunches when they have to, and news that Nate isn’t going to be missing time afterall isn’t good news for the rest of their league.

2) Oatcake Hate Monsters

The Hate Monsters certainly belong at number two on the list, but beating up on teams they should beat up on isn’t going to cut it the second half of the season. Getting Shelley back will help fill the gap, but they will need to find a way to win with Mac missing a couple of the next few weeks. We’ll know a lot more after their three games against the cats in the next four weeks.

3) Voltron

Losing to Kyoto last week certainly doesn’t inspire my confidence, and if more than one of the Queens had stuck around last Sunday, Voltron may have been in a different spot. Still, you can’t deny that all of the players on this team have moments that leave us awestruck. I just want to see more consistency on both sides of the ball before I make up my mind on this team.

4) The Queens

How does a team with Aryn Christman leading off, Bryan Frankovich in his prime, and Stud actually coming regularly play .500 baseketball. While I actually think this team has the best chance to hand the Laser Cats a loss this year, they shat the bed the first half of the year…and their problems go deeper than just poor attendance last week.

5) Bananna Democracy

They lost both games this past week, but they also played two of the league’s better teams. Big wins over good teams in the past few weeks give them the street cred to remain at 5.

6) The Fleshy Funbridges

God do I love watching the Funbridges…sadly, they just aren’t very good.

7) Kyoto Kamikazees

SBL superstar entering his prime and out of his lover’s shadow….check

Rookie ringer who seems to be made of more Shernisky than O’mahoney…check

Two SBL HOFers who contribute when they show…check

A Lackey…check

(In short, this team frustrates me.)

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